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Computer Vision Group, Department of Signals and Systems, Chalmers.

Mathematical Imaging Group, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University.

MedTech West.

NEWS: I am looking for prospective PhD students that want to pursue a PhD in Computer Vision at Chalmers. If you are highly creative and have excellent grades, then please send me your CV and transript of your grades.

NEWS: Organiser of the first Swedish Symposium on Deep Learning, June 20-21, 2017. Location: Stockholm, Royal Institute of Technology. It will be a great event with great keynotes!

NEWS: Area Chair for the International Conference on Computer Vision, October 2017.

NEWS: The Best Student Paper Award is awarded to "Shape-Aware Multi-Atlas Segmentation" at ICPR 2016, Cancun, Mexico! Read the paper.

NEWS: New project on the integration of geometry and semantics in computer vision, 2017-2020, funded by the Swedish Research Council, November 2016.

NEWS: New project on smart, flying robots capable of seeing, navigating and mapping based on computer vision and optimal control techniques, 2016-2021, funded by Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, April 2016.

Interested in my mathematical ancestors and descendants? You can find them here at the Mathematics Genealogy Project.

My Erdös number is 3 via the path: Fredrik Kahl - Gunnar Sparr - Jaak Peetre - Paul Erdös.

Metric localization from a single image! In the first video below, you see how we reconstructed a 3D model of a tunnel from one image sequence. Then, in the second video, we use a single image to determine our localization (absolute pose) in the 3D model of the tunnel! Read our BMVC 2016 paper.

Want to scan yourself? Read our paper CopyMe3D.

Meet my PhD Students:

  • Carl Toft, Signals and Systems, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Måns Larsson, Signals and Systems, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Jennifer Alvén, Signals and Systems, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Jonathan Arvidsson, University of Gothenburg (co-supervised with Magnus Båth, Göran Starck and Peter Bernhardt)
  • Erik Bylow (co-supervised with Carl Olsson)
  • Viktor Larsson (co-supervised with Carl Olsson)
Former PhD students:

Summer School in Convex and Discrete Optimization on the island of Als, Denmark. Tutors: Fredrik Kahl and Richard Hartley, August 2015.

Tutorial in Zurich at ECCV'14 on Robust Optimization Techniques in Computer Vision successfully completed with more than 150 registered participants. Tutors: Olof Enqvist, Fredrik Kahl and Richard Hartley.

I am on the Editorial Board of Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision.

Recent Area Chair assignments: ICCV 2013, CVPR 2014 and ECCV 2014, BMVC 2015, ECCV 2016, ICCV 2017.

ERC-project GlobalVision, 2008-2013. Starting Independent Research Grant, funded by the European Research Council. Read more about it in Svenska Dagbladet.

Mathematical Methods in Computer Vision, 2008-2014. A project in the programme Future Research Leaders, funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research. Read the feature article (Swedish only) on one of the participants.

I was general chair for Energy Minimization Methods in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, Lund, Sweden, 19-21 August, 2013.

Discrete Optimization. A PhD course in mathematics, given spring 2011.

Optimization in Computer Vision. A one week PhD School, 19-23 May 2008 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Co-organized with Henrik Aanaes, DTU. Lectures include Prof. Richard Hartley, Phil Torr and Lieven Vanderberge.

If you are interested in Master Thesis projects in mathematics, computer vision or medical imaging, contact me.

Want to see research in the making? Continuous cuts black board.

Läs om svenska IT-undret i Blekinge Läns Tidning

We are featured in Sydsvenskan!

Jan-Erik Solem's and my patent which was acquired by Apple reaches the news tabloids!

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