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Gold Alignments for Europarl De-En

Annotations for 150 sentences of length up to 80. Provided are sure and possible alignments in the (machine-readable) standard format. We also provide visualizations in pdf-format. Get the package here.

The associated corpus (version 6) can be found here.


See also the download page of the Mathematical Imaging Group and the pages of my supervisor Fredrik Kahl.

If you need further support (e.g. documentation, bug reports or feature requests) for one of the code packages, please contact me via e-mail.

Region-based Curvature for Image Segmentation and Inpainting, based on Linear Programming

Joint work with Petter Strandmark. This package (C++) implements unsupervised and supervised image segmentation with curvature regularity, based on linear programming and cell complexes. Further, there is a corresponding inpainting program.


Additionally, we also support the linear programming solvers Gurobi, FICO Xpress and ILOG Cplex.

The license conditions are included in the archive. Download the latest version 0.905 with many new features and an additional QPBO-based routine.

C++ Toolbox

The C++ toolbox is meant to ease software development. It contains template classes and functions for some frequent mathematical concepts and I/O functionality. Here is a list of features:
  • Standard container classes for 1, 2 and 3-dimensional storage patterns. In debug mode, access to elements is checked to be within the valid bounds. Furthermore, the objects can be given names to ease debugging.
  • Based on the above containers, extensions to vector, matrix and tensor classes are given, together with a number of useful operators. Matrices and tensors can be saved as PGMs or PPMs.
  • Based on matrix and tensor classes, also classes for gray- and colorvalued images are given, including functionality to load PGMs and PPMs.
  • Code for I/O of files and for outputting sets, maps and vectors (stl-classes).
  • Basic string processing techniques such as conversions of strings to any other type and tokenization of strings.
  • A generic application class to ease parsing of command line arguments. This includes checking filenames for access rights/existence, specifying default values for parameters and listing mandatory parameters.
The license conditions are included in the archive. Download the latest version 0.925 with improved Windows compatibility.

Computation of IBM-3 Viterbi Alignments (Patch for GIZA++)

This is a C++-tool for natural language translation (or statistical machine translation) that allows to compute optimal alignments for the IBM-3 model based on integer linear programming.


The license conditions are included in the archive. Download the latest version 0.921 with greatly reduced memory consumption.

Publisher: Thomas Schoenemann,
Last updated: March 14 2011