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Method for determining the positions of a plurality of anonymous fixed reference objects for mobile surface transportation and a device for determining said positions
Åström, Kalle, 2000
Patent No.: US6012003, AU2656097, EP0900416, JP2000508766, WO9739394

Method and apparatus for extracting information from a target area within a two-dimensional graphical object in an image
Åström, Kalle and Björklund, A. and Sjölin, Martin and Andreasson, Markus, 2003
Patent No.: WO02099738, SE522437, EP412910, US2003030638

Method for recognition of a hand-written pattern
Mattisson, Fredrik and Åström, Kalle, 2003
Patent No.: WO02095667, SE519380

Imaging method for measuring contours of organ in patiets body
Richter, Jens and Ericsson, Anders and Kahl, Fredrik and Åström, Kalle, 2004
Patent No.: SE524500

Object structure measurement method for e g airborne hydrography, comprises execution based on histogram for variation of reflection pulse intensity over time
Andersson, Fredrik and Axelsson, , Anders and Johannesson, Claes, 2004
Patent No.: SE523650, WO2004099820


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