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This is the central entry point for the MC internal publication database system.

Entry points

A simple search engine.
System administration (Authentication required)

Internal author information

Who to contact for publication numbers?

When you are nearing your publication date, please contact the contact person at your division.
Be prepared to supply at least the title, author names, and, when relevant, the faculty.
The contact persons for the divisions are as follows:

Division Name E-mail What
Mathematical Statistics Maria Lövgren (MS Master's and Bachelor theses)
Mathematics and numerical analysis, LTH Patricia Felix Poma de Kos (all TFMA- and NA-publications)
Eva-Lena Borgström
Mathematics, MNF Kerstin Rogdahl (All NFMA-publications)

Cover page construction

There are separate pages with information on how to generate the special cover pages, including an automatic cover TeX-code generator. For additional help, contact a collegue who has used the system previously. (Please note that it is not the intention that the above contact persons should generate the cover pages; that is the job of the author, or the thesis supervisor, as applicable.)

Formal system requirements

Actual working systems

The LaTeX cover generation packages have been successfully installed and used on at least Sun Solaris, Compaq TrueUNIX64, Debian and RedHat GNU/Linux, and various Microsoft Windows systems.

The database administrator can be reached at
Updated 2011-10-13