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Title: Fast Optimal Three View Triangulation
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Authors: Byröd, Martin and Josephson, Klas and Åström, Kalle
Year: 2008
Pages: 95--98
Document Type:Conference Paper
Conference: SSBA
Conference location: Lund
Status: Published
Refereed: No
Keywords: polynomial equations
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Abstract: We consider the problem of L2-optimal triangulation from three separate views. Triangulation is an important part of numerous computer vision systems. Under gaussian noise, minimizing the L2 norm of the reprojection error gives a statistically optimal estimate. This has been solved for two views. However, for three or more views, it is not clear how this should be done. A previously proposed, but computationally impractical, method draws on Gröbner basis techniques to solve for the complete set of stationary points of the cost function. We show how this method can be modified to become significantly more stable and hence given a fast implementation in standard IEEE double precision. We evaluate the precision and speed of the new method on both synthetic and real data. The algorithm has been implemented in a freely available software package which can be downloaded from the Internet.




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